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We believe in leadership from within the classroom.

The increasing need for high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education depends on a stable corps of expert teacher leaders. KSTF programs build a professional community of outstanding teachers with the knowledge and leadership to strengthen the profession — and ultimately improve STEM education.

Our Programs

Teaching is challenging. It requires commitment. And to learn and grow, teachers need to inquire into their into their own classrooms and practices. KSTF programs provide the resources and the professional network for teachers to collaborate so they can develop as leaders.

KSTF offers three distinct programs for teachers at different stages in their professional development. Although the programs are separate, they are fully connected ­and work together toward our mission of a strong teaching profession.

As KSTF’s signature program, Teaching Fellowships provide STEM teachers with grants, stipends and professional development support during the first five years of the program. 

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Once Teaching Fellows complete the five-year Teaching Fellowship program, they become Senior Fellows. Senior Fellows have the opportunity to apply for grants and contribute to the Teaching Fellowship program in other ways.

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The goal of the KSTF Research and Evaluation (R&E) program is to build the organizations’ capacity for program improvement and impact within and beyond KSTF. R&E provides direction and support for ongoing improvement of KSTF programs, guides the organization’s effort to generate knowledge from our practice, and connects those efforts with broader fields of educational research and practice.

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If there is to be real, meaningful change in math and science education, it’s going to come from outstanding professional teachers who are taking on leadership roles in their classrooms, schools and communities.

Nicole Gillespie
Executive Director
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation