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Contact Us

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation
1000 N. Church Street
Moorestown, New Jersey 08057
Tel.: 856.608.0001
Fax: 856.608.0008


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Program Inquiries

General Inquiries

Teaching Fellowships 
Program Inquiries: teachers@kstf.org
Application Inquiries: apply@kstf.org

Senior Fellow Program Inquiries

Media Inquiries: press@kstf.org
News Items: Visit the KSTF News Center

Web Administrator: webadmin@kstf.org


KSTF Staff

Christopher Bogiages, Program Officer for Teacher Development: christopher.bogiages@kstf.org
Rachael Brown, Program Officer for Teacher Development: rachael.brown@kstf.org
Michele Cheyne, Program Officer for Teacher Development: michele.cheyne@kstf.org
Eric Eslinger, Program Officer of Education Technology: eric.eslinger@kstf.org
Marie R. Espino, Administrative Assistant: marie.espino@kstf.org
Jodie A. Galosy, Director for Research and Evaluation: jodie.galosy@kstf.org
Nicole Gillespie, Executive Director: nicole.gillespie@kstf.org
Howard M. Glasser, Program Officer for Teacher Development: howard.glasser@kstf.org
Stephanie Holm, Director of Operations: stephanie.holm@kstf.org
Kimberly Masloski, Program Officer for Teacher Development: kim.masloski@kstf.org
Jennifer Mossgrove, Senior Program Officer: jennifer.mossgrove@kstf.org
Dina H. Portnoy, Director for Senior Fellows Program: dina.portnoy@kstf.org
Erin K. Rizor, Research Associate: erin.rizor@kstf.org
Roseanne Rostock, Program Officer for Teacher Development: roseanne.rostock@kstf.org
Jeffrey Rozelle, Senior Program Officer: jeff.rozelle@kstf.org
William Rulon-Miller, President and Chief Operating Officer, Treasurer, Board of Trustees: 
Karen Sass, Research Assistant: karen.sass@kstf.org
Meghan Scattaregia, Program Associate: meghan.scattaregia@kstf.org
Jeanne Vissa, Senior Program Officer: jeanne.vissa@kstf.org
Zora Wolfe, Program Officer for Teacher Development: zora.wolfe@kstf.org