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I think that KSTF will allow me to be successful in my first five years of teaching and pave the way for my career in education

Cassondra Keller
2013 Fellow

Cassondra Keller

2013 Fellow
Chicago Bulls College Prep
Chicago, Illinois

Like many fifth graders, Cassondra struggled with the concept of fractions. After a particularly challenging introduction, her math teacher employed an unorthodox demonstration to clear up any confusion. While chopping up cardboard boxes into increasingly smaller pieces, Cassondra learned about fractions, and decided that she wanted to become a teacher.

In high school, she encountered more passionate math teachers that encouraged her to continue studying the subject. At this time, Cassondra decided that she wanted to teach math, so that she could “share her passion of mathematics with students and keep learning as engaging and interactive as possible.”

While studying math and education at Michigan State University (MSU), Cassondra interned at an urban high school in Grand Rapids, Mich. She taught several math classes over the course of one year and received guidance from a mentor teacher. Cassondra also worked with youth through a YMCA program called Summer of Service. In this role, she coordinated volunteer work for middle and high school students in metropolitan Detroit and Ann Arbor.

With a passion for reading and travel, she hopes to continue traveling as much as possible. Notably, Cassondra has spent time in Alaska, where she was able to travel to the Arctic Circle and hike on the Mendenhall Glacier.